Horses By The Beach

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About us

The project started with a passion for horses from the horse rider Lourenço Aragão. 

Lourenço Aragão started horseback riding at the age of 8.

At 12 he started participating in local equestrian resistance competitions and today he is competing internationally, being one of the short list of portuguese riders invited to participate in exclusive events like Dubai in UAE and Pizza in Italy. 

After many years competing at high level, Lourenço began to think that he wanted to show the world how riding a horse can be satisfying. So it was a matter of time before he wanted to pass on the experience he had with horses to other people.

Living in Alentejo that was no problem since Melides is one of the most beautiful places for horse riding. So this project was born not only from his passion for horses but also from the desire to show the magnificent Atlantic coast in the Melides area. 

The tours start through the Atlantic Forest with the destination of one of the largest beaches in Europe with 47 km. 

In order to offer the best experience all the tours will be accompanied by experienced guides and highly trained horses in order to be ridden by anyone even without experience, in order to make the most of this wild nature we have for you.